Digital Advertising

A Sales Accelerant Case Study on Healthcare Logistics.

Digital Advertising

A Sales Accelerant Case Study on Healthcare Logistics.

Digital Advertising Case Study:

Fendix Media is the UK’s only NHS digital advertising network.

They work with the UK’s biggest advertisers (for this sales campaign, pharmaceutical companies) and agencies to source high quality and appropriate digital advertising campaigns for NHS Staff intranets and public facing websites. The NHS benefits by earning extra income to improve health care and services for their local communities, while advertisers get great brand positioning and excellent return on investment.

B2B Healthcare Sales Campaign Case Studies

Fendix Media engaged Sales Accelerant to undertake Digital Advertising to generate well qualified sales leads in the pharmaceutical sector to drive next level growth. 

Sales Accelerant was chosen to carry out the digital advertising campaign because of its significant experience in the healthcare sector, multi-channel approach to sales lead generation and successful track record generating high quality sales leads for progressive and market leading companies.

Using a combination of email marketing, telemarketing, LinkedIn and lead scoring, a significant number of high quality sales leads have been generated to date, leading to a string of new business successes for Fendix Media. 

Sales leads generated to date include: MSD, Novo Nordisk, GSK, Nutricia, Novartis, Sandoz, Norgine, Astellas, Otsuka, Merck Serono, Napp, Thornton & Ross, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers-Squibb and many others.

Sales Accelerant have been working with Fendix Media for a significant period. Direct reference upon request.

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