Market Access Project Complete

We were recently asked to assist a client with market access research and with testing the waters insofar as level of interest in their products and services and forecasted level of demand is concerned. Our client develops and promotes vendor managed inventory software, works closely with the aviation sector and has been assessing the possibility of competing…

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New Client

Today we have agreed terms with a new client in the ‘Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)’ software sector. The client concerned provides sophisticated and yet user friendly, supply chain and warehouse inventory management software and counts BAE as one of its clients. We have been chosen based on our 13 years pharmaceutical and healthcare sales and marketing experience…

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5 Point Sales & CRM Audit

  Here at Sales Accelerant we have recently launched a FREE AUDIT designed to enable us to provide our existing clients and prospective future clients with helpful insight which is geared towards enabling them to increase their sales and improve overall business performance. What does the ‘5 Point Sales and Customer Relationship Management’ Performance Audit…

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Another new client has joined us

We have recently signed up another new client, providing sales lead generation support on a long term contract basis. Our client specialises in global market research with emphasis upon the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare sectors. Our client has unparalleled access to healthcare professionals and patient groups across the world which enables them to produce highest quality raw…

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Call to action must make a connection with target audience

  Recession-led marketing strategies continue to make an emotional connection with consumers concerned about the economy, according to research by TNS. The UK might have officially limped out of recession at the end of January when the figure for economic growth reached 0.1%, but many consumers remain in a recessionary mindset. And with politicians talking…

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42 Telesales technique and telesales training tips you can use right now to get more business and avoid rejection

42 TELESALES TECHNIQUE AND TELESALES TRAINING TIPS YOU CAN USE RIGHT NOW TO GET MORE BUSINESS AND AVOID REJECTION By Art Sobczak   Telemarketing, telesales, cold calling … whatever you want to call it (and I’ll use the terms interchangeably), the professional use of the phone in sales is a process, not a goofy technique or…

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SMART marketing – 'Transpromo'

  The term ‘transpromo’ is being referenced more and more in marketing discussions. Phil Hutchison, Tactical Marketing Director Pitney Bowes UK and ROI discusses ’transpromo’ and how smaller businesses can benefit. What is it? ‘Transpromo’ is the fast-growing practice of adding promotional messages and advertisements to mandatory transactional communications (so called because the document is…

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