What is a CTA? (In under 100 words)

A Call-to-Action or CTA is a button, image or line of text which directs your target audience towards taking action. For instance a CTA could be offering a download of your latest eBook, access to a webinar or an event invitation. CTA’s can be placed anywhere on your website, for example in a sidebar, email or at…

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Optimizing Lead Nurturing

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because a client or prospect would benefit greatly from your product/service but they just don’t quite know enough about it to realise that YET? Yep, me too. With lead nurturing you never have to worry about a lead not being fully qualified again, or worry about sales lead conversion rates….

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4 Easy Steps to Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a process supported by dynamic software (e.g. Eloqua/Oracle, Hubspot or Sales Fusion) which allows companies to provide valuable content in a timely fashion, personalised to prospects, based upon the actions you know your prospects have taken. Using website visitor tracking, email campaign open/click reports, purchase histories and social…

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New Ways Sales Can Use Marketing Content

Introduction – It is ‘highly’ likely that your sales team isn’t using marketing content created by marketers, as effectively as it could. Giving sales teams the best opportunity possible to convert leads is obviously very important, but people often overlook the value of using marketing content throughout the sales process. If you’re not already making the most…

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