Client: Opinion Health

The Customer

Opinion Health is a full service market research agency specialising in the healthcare sector.

The Challenge

Sales Accelerant were asked to assist the team with sales lead generation, selling bespoke qualitative and quantitative research services and a number of unique tools designed specifically for the healthcare sector. We targeted pharmaceutical, retail and financial services companies.

The Results

Using a combined inbound and outbound sales lead generation campaign approach, we generated and converted sales leads amounting to significant value which included the following companies: Alliance Pharma, Janssen-Cilag, Nature Publishing, Abbott, Trinity-Chiesi, Bausch & Lomb, Novartis, Sanofi-Pasteur MSD, AstraZeneca, Synovate, Genzyme, Leo Pharma, McCann Erickson, Rapp and many more. We used email marketing, whitepapers, telemarketing and a series of other inbound marketing tools to generate well qualified sales leads.

The Customer said:

Sales Accelerant were recommended to us and we hired them to help with sales and lead generation. We would certainly recommend them to others as they provide good quality leads. They are an asset and can add value to any company looking to increase their presence in the market place. They are passionate about what they do, understand business goals and will implement with gusto. They are very disciplined, professional and a likeable bunch. All round a win/win solution and worth talking with them about what they can do for your business.