B2B Sales Lead Generation Services For The Healthcare Sector.

Are you looking for a Different Approach to B2B sales lead generation in the healthcare sector which can make all the difference to results?

Tired of the same old approaches and inconsistency?

We were too, which is why we have introduced change in the form of a more effective sales approach, process, services and tools to deliver them. We also set about ensuring that we only used sales people that understand the healthcare sector to deliver campaigns for our clients. What we deliver is a seamlessly integrated outbound and inbound sales lead generation approach, using the latest tools, combined with telemarketing, to deliver effective sales campaigns.

If you are looking for new customers and sustainable business growth in the healthcare sector, you need to have a smart sales lead generation strategy; to use a series of best suited lead generation activities to build and maintain a strong sales lead pipeline and then to convert that pipeline into tangible sales. That’s where we come in. Prospects are inundated day in, day out with cold calls and ‘same old’ emails, often from sales people with no experience of healthcare whatsoever. The challenge is ‘how can you effectively engage and convert your prospects into tangible new business opportunities without annoying them in the process’.

Sales Accelerant offers the following professional B2B Healthcare Sector Sales Lead Generation Services:

  • Demand Generation – Generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Sales Lead Generation & *BANT Qualification – Converting MQLs into sales qualified leads (SQLs)
  • Lead Nurturing – Developing SQLs and converting them into sales ready leads

What is BANT?

  • Budget – What stage are they at? (Planning, allocated or approved)
  • Authority – Is contact the key decision maker? (Final decision maker or part of the decision making process)
  • Need – What is the specific need? (Specific goal, challenge or supplier review)
  • Timescale – How close are they to taking action? (Gathering information, reviewing vendors or shortlisting)

The tools we use to deliver the above services and tangible sales results include:

  • Email marketing (through industry leading opted-in healthcare publisher databases)
  • Content – White-papers, eBooks, webinars & videos
  • Landing pages
  • Telemarketing
  • SOCEDO/Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Industry leading CRM and CLM capabilities

As a sales outsourcing agency for the healthcare sector, Sales Accelerant delivers high quality B2B telemarketing,  typically ‘as part of a multi-channel inbound and outbound lead generation campaign’. On this basis sales calls are becoming increasingly more effective. The days of cold calling are of seemingly numbered in the traditional sense.

Sales Accelerant is one of the fastest-growing healthcare specialist sales agencies in the South-East of England. Our success is driven by a highly motivated team of established and rising star sales and marketing professionals, who work hard to deliver the results you expect and our clients have come to enjoy.

There are quick wins to be had using direct marketing to identify prospects who are ready to buy your products and services now, also known as ‘sales ready’ leads, however, Based on industry averages, 80% of sales leads are confirmed as not being sales ready upon contact and so lead nurturing is a crucial element of successful lead generation i.e. converting the sales pipeline. This means a period of lead nurturing is required between the point at which the leads are sales qualified and the point at which they become sales ready. If you are not nurturing the 80% of leads not ready to buy initially, you can rest assured your competitors are taking good care of them.

The reason so many of our clients keep coming back to us is that we deliver measurable, ambitious results and use a unique and effective approach to lead generation. Here are some case studies showing real life examples of how we have helped companies to achieve success. Not all our case studies are online: email us if there is a specific sector that interests you.