Sales Lead Generation Services For The Healthcare Industry

Our Sales Lead Generation services for the Healthcare Industry campaigns are delivered through an effective telemarketing approach, process and tools. We ensure that we only deploy tele-representatives on campaigns who understand the healthcare industry well and have received appropriate industry training to reflect the skills and experience needed for the specific campaign e.g. rep appointment booking specialists (HCP access skills and experience) and ABPI qualified remote e-detailers.

Prospective customers in the NHS, private sector, pharmacy and other healthcare arenas are inundated day in, day out with cold calls and same old emails, often from inadequately trained and sometimes pushy tele-representatives. The challenge is how can you effectively engage and convert potential future brand advocates into becoming just that, without annoying them in the process?

This is where Sales Accelerant comes in, with our extensive experience and capabilities, enabling access to decision makers in healthcare and calls being carried out by the right kind of people. Often the biggest hurdle to achieving brand commercial success is access, prior to being able to deliver the effective key messages, via rep (booking appointment) or e-detail. Sales Accelerant can help facilitate that.

Healthcare Telemarketing

The tools we use to deliver the above services and tangible results include:

  • Telemarketing (delivered by healthcare industry specialist tele-representatives)
  • Email (via CRM following confirmation of GDPR consent)
  • Content (shared via emails)
  • Landing pages
  • Industry leading CRM
  • Seamlessly integrated phone system

Our success is enabled by a highly motivated team of established and rising star sales and marketing professionals passionate about healthcare, who work tirelessly and increasingly smart to deliver results synonymous with client KPI goals and expectations.

The reason our client retention levels are excellent is that we consistently deliver measurable, ambitious results, we represent organisations and their brands very professionally, we offer and deliver peace of mind inducing transparency and reporting, we always go the extra mile and we deliver a highly positive customer experience.