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Sales Lead Qualification and Lead Scoring

You want to be sure your sales people are spending as much time as possible in front of well qualified prospects, right…?

Sales Lead Qualification and Lead Scoring

You want to be sure your sales people are spending as much time as possible in front of well qualified prospects, right…?

So what is Sales Lead Qualification and Lead Scoring?

You now have a healthy pipeline of marketing qualified leads, generated from an on-going demand generation campaign, possibly delivered by the Sales Accelerant marketing team. These leads will be coming from your new blog with calls to action (CTAs), email campaigns sharing content, social media content sharing campaigns, surveys, webinars, website visitor tracking activity and more.

Now how can you develop the marketing leads into sales qualified leads and score them so that you can focus your prime sales talent on the prospects with the greatest real potential?

That’s again where we come in.

Using telemarketing and a series of lead generation marketing tools, we carry out thorough sales lead qualification and lead scoring.

We contact prospects to ask them a series of key qualifier questions, around Budget, Authority, Need and Timescales (BANT), working out what stage they are at for each area, confirming genuine interest in specific products and services and identifying challenges and opportunities in the process.

We also ask a series of other questions in order to establish not just where a prospect sits, in terms of buying cycle, but also to gather more intelligence about the prospect, the company, the future potential opportunity, the decision making process and much more, all of which is captured in our industry leading CRM system and shared with you.

What is BANT?

BANT is an acronym used to describe four key elements of the sales lead qualification process. In order to establish that a sales lead is qualified, we need to capture information from a prospect relating to 4 key areas. This information is captured during all calls using our industry leading CRM system. Based on the information gathered, we can then profile the prospect, establishing what stage they’re at in the buying process. In other words, is it an early stage lead (e.g. just researching options), or maybe ready to buy?

What do the letters in BANT stand for?

  • Budget – What stage are they at? (Planning, allocated or approved)
  • Authority – Is contact the key decision maker? (Final decision maker or part of the decision making process)
  • Need – What is the specific need? (Specific goal, challenge or supplier review)
  • Timescale – How close are they to taking action? (Gathering information, reviewing vendors or shortlisting)

The next stage then is to lead score the prospects. This process is carried out using a wide range of data, including level of interest, BANT details, how many times they have visited specific pages of the company website and landing pages, how many emails they have opened and what links the have clicked on, what they have downloaded in terms of content and much more.

What the Sales Accelerant sales team provides you with during an inbound and outbound sales campaign, is a bank of data about each prospect so that you can truly establish the true potential and value of each prospect. This approach means that you are always very well informed and can place trust in your sales pipeline and conversion forecasts. Does this sound like an approach which could make all the difference to sales planning and performance within your company?

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