Telemarketing Services from Sales Accelerant

Do you want the following telemarketing outcomes:

Productive B2B sales leads?

New customers?

Long term sustainable sales growth?

Maximum sales pipeline conversion rates?

Then read on..

Sales Accelerant specialises in delivering telemarketing services for companies which have strong ties with the healthcare sector (including delivery of campaigns for pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer healthcare companies themselves), often as part of a wider multi-channel campaign, for businesses which sell products, services and solutions.

Many organisations use B2B telemarketing as part of a multi-channel lead generation campaign, since it can drive up conversion rates to previously unattainable levels. Since cold calling has a poor reputation and rapidly reducing industry success rates, we tend to offer our telemarketing services as a follow up to prior marketing activity. In other words at the earliest buying cycle stages we would typically follow up an email marketing campaign, follow up with website visitors to sales qualify leads , generate opt in lists and more, however more generally, we deliver telemarketing services as a way to sales qualify marketing leads and to assist with lead nurturing towards conversion into new business. Even when campaigns we deliver consist of 100% marketing lead follow up calls, with the campaign aim of sales qualifying each lead, 80% of those leads will typically not be sales ready, meaning they require lead nurturing. The 20% which are sales qualified and are then identified as sales ready, are passed over to our clients for conversion.

By outsourcing your B2B telemarketing, Sales Accelerant gives your business access to a team of rising stars, with a hunger for continued fast and strong growth. As well as finding the quick wins, our team can tap into the key decision makers who are often hard to reach, influence and convert. We use concisely targeted lead nurturing programs to convert the longer term opportunities. The CRM system will rapidly fill up with contacts that Sales Accelerant has already been cultivating for years.

The Sales Accelerant team have extensive experience delivering successful sales campaigns for many of the world’s leading organisations, as well as SMEs. Our high calibre telemarketing and wider multi-channel sales lead generation team, operates with:

  • total transparency
  • minimal set-up costs
  • flexible, low-risk contracts
  • opportunity/risk-share pricing models
  • every campaign bespoke
  • delivered to meet your needs

Clients continue working with us long-term and others come back because Sales Accelerant consistently delivers ambitious and measurable results, as well as sound strategic and tactical sales advice.

Have a look at the case studies to see what Sales Accelerant has done for other companies. Since we only have a selection of case studies featured on the website, please email us to request a B2B telemarketing case study most relevant to your company, challenges and goals.