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Using a combination of email marketing, content marketing, website visitor tracking and telemarketing, Sales Accelerant delivers lead nurturing services to help companies like yours to convert more leads into new business.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

The concept of Lead Nurturing is taking a sales lead that is not sales ready, at the time it is sales qualified as a lead (i.e. not yet ready to make a buying decision) and strategically informing and influencing the prospect  over time until they are ready to make a buying decision.

Otherwise referred to as ‘distant relationship management over time’.

The aim and purpose of this process is to keep the company name and proposition at the front of the prospects’ mind, building trust, credibility, familiarity and relationship  so that when they are close to making a buying decision they will want to re-engage instantly and enter into productive discussions.

Lead nurturing enables companies to maintain a continuous dialogue with prospects during the buying cycle, resulting in:

  1. Increased sales lead conversion rates
  2. Increased revenue
  3. Increased sales rep productivity
  4. Educated prospects
  5. Trust and credibility
  6. Reduction in pipeline sales lead drop-out rates

Some interesting facts from research in this area – Take Note..

Credible industry sources confirm that on average, 80% of sales qualified leads are not sales ready upon initial sales contact and that even in today’s challenging business climate, many sales teams allow a high proportion of the 80% of leads slip through the net, never to be called again. This is a significant waste of time and money for the companies concerned.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-sales ready leads and rather than the purchases being made based on price and convenience, they are typically based on trust, credibility and relationships, meaning that price is less of an issue i.e. more profitable business wins for you.

Using a combination of email marketing, content marketing, website visitor tracking and telemarketing, leads can be nurtured over a period of time using a suite of bespoke created and concisely targeted materials and key messages, designed to influence and motivate. The ultimate aim is to use the nurturing period to convince prospects that they should want to buy the service or product we’re pitching to them. For them to want to make such decision they must of course think and feel a certain way about the company behind the service or product and have belief in the service or product. They need to be familiar with the company, product and/or service and have an element of trust. By using a variety of marketing channels and content, such as white papers, to demonstrate expertise, sharing news about the company, introducing the people driving the business, sharing videos, blogs, webinars and more besides, this goal can be achieved over time. This is achieved by developing and delivering an effective lead nurturing program, elements of which should be integrated and much of the process can in fact be automated using CRM.

What this means for a company like yours is that sales teams are only presented with leads which are sales ready, which means sales teams don’t waste their time on leads which are highly unlikely to be productive for a considerable time.

The advantages of lead nurturing are countless, but the key benefit to the company is the consistent delivery of high quality, sales ready leads to the sales team. By holding back leads initially from sales team and educating the prospects to the point where they can have a productive sales conversation, the quality of the lead is maximised and the sales cycle time-frame is reduced.

Lead nurturing can be used in a variety of situations. The most obvious is to educate, influence and motivate a prospect until becoming a sales ready lead. Another lesser known but equally powerful use for lead nurturing, can be to minimise loss of opportunities to competitors. By maintaining contact with prospects and adding value at every touch/contact, it ensures you are at the front of prospects’ minds when perhaps the competitors are not. This can provide the advantage over the competition when it comes to the time when prospects are thinking of upgrading or changing suppliers

The Sales Accelerant lead generation team have many years of collective experience generating and nurturing leads. This means that we hand our clients ‘sales ready leads’. Many lead generation companies only offer sales leads at non-sales ready stage, the very early stage, which isn’t a great challenge. A meeting with a prospect is good value at any time ,some might say, that is of course unless far too early or too late in the buying process, but ‘sales ready’ leads which have been nurtured over time by a team such as ours, can be worth their weight in gold. We do the leg work so that your sales team can focus on the final pitch stage. We have a successful track record of nurturing high value leads so that when our clients meet with the likes of Boots, The Guardian, Astrazeneca, Barclays, Bourne Leisure, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mace Group, Virgin and other prospects which we’ve recently set up meetings with, they only need to work on final conversion stage. In other words when you invest in lead generation and qualification, followed by lead nurturing, we can provide sales ready leads which are in a different league to early stage non-sales ready leads.