Sales Accelerant provides sales consulting services for companies in the UK. We provide strategic and tactical sales advice to help companies to achieve ambitious growth. It all starts with sales process, clear goals and planning.

Knowing the best way to get your company, products and services in front of your target market is critical to your business success.

Sales Accelerant provides specialist sales consultancy services to companies to help increase sales effectiveness through multi-discipline strategic sales advice and support. Areas where we can assist you include:

Market Access Strategy

Sales Accelerant research and support includes:

  • target audiences
  • price points
  • barriers to entry
  • key message development
  • competitors
  • existing promotions
  • educational activity
  • forecast trends

Sales Campaign Strategy And Planning

Sales Accelerant will:

  • advise upon suitable sales strategy
  • advise upon sales process
  • create demand generation, sales lead qualification and lead nurturing plans
  • advise upon suitable sales activities to optimise results

Sales Performance Review

Sales Accelerant will:

  • pinpoint potential improvements in sales performance
  • implement these improvements
  • highlight key issues
  • suggest actions that will get results
  • improve time and resource management
  • turn average performance into excellent performance
  • evolve the sales process

Sales Campaign Collateral

Sales Accelerant can help with:

  • case studies
  • sales presentations
  • e-brochures
  • content strategy

Sales Coaching, Mentoring and Training

Make your sales force more effective and confident:

  • one-to-one or team coaching
  • mentoring
  • training
  • world-class standards