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Pharmaceutical Sales Lead GenerationPharmaceutical Sales Lead Generation

Here at Sales Accelerant we specialise in generating sales leads for businesses which sell products, services and solutions into pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, medical devices, biotech and clinical research companies (CRO’s), as well  as pharmacy and the NHS.

Sales Accelerant healthcare sales

We also deliver sales campaigns for the above target audience such as pharma companies and services include: pharma rep appointment setting, booking HCP attendees for pharma seminars and alike, prim/sec remote e-detailing and more. It’s fair to say we know the healthcare sector very well.

pharma rep appointment setting campaigns

Whilst our current core focus throughout pharmaceutical sales lead generation campaigns is upon telemarketing (calling healthcare prospects), we provide the complete multi-channel in/outbound range of lead generation services. We are fully embracing the fast moving developments associated with sales lead generation and we help clients to develop seamlessly integrated multi-channel sales lead generation strategies, plans and follow through campaigns.

Inbound pharmaceutical sales lead generation

Multi-channel sales lead generation campaign services:

– Telemarketing

– Direct Marketing

– Social Media

– Landing Pages

– Content Marketing

– Content Creation

– Website Calls to Action

pharmaceutical sales services

B2B pharmaceutical sales lead generation is not by any means a rocket science, however, our sales team is considered smarter, insofar as how we set about delivering these services and delivering significant results that meet our customers’ precise telemarketing requirements. We agree that this is a bold statement but we have a number of case studies and testimonials concerning consistent B2B pharmaceutical sales lead generation and marketing campaign success. Not all case studies are available to see on the website.

We acknowledge from our many years of experience in sales lead generation, that the two most important elements for our customers concerning our services are results and communication. Needless to say, every element of our customers’ telemarketing / lead generation campaigns are bespoke designed and delivered in accordance with those needs.

Forever conscious of the fact that expectations management is an integral part of communication, relationship and sales lead generation performance, we will not make promises of grand sales results unless we are positive we can deliver them.

What we will always promise however, is that we will develop and deliver an intelligent, proactive and successful B2B pharmaceutical sales lead generation or appointment setting campaign, which will deliver superior levels of new business lead generation, as you would expect from a sales lead generation / telemarketing team which has many successful years experience in generating high quality sales leads.

pharma sales campaigns 

To find out more about how we can increase your sales please call us TODAY on 01273 358170 or email us now to arrange an immediate call back.

How can I generate more NHS sales leads

Sales Lead Generation

Our pharmaceutical sales lead generation team is able to consistently generate significant numbers of well qualified sales leads through business to business campaigns i.e. B2B, which is a valuable service our customers consider to be excellent value for money. The Sales Accelerant definition of a B2B pharmaceutical sales lead generation campaign is not ‘passing you over as many sales leads as possible and hope that you may profit from some of them’. Our approach is geared towards achieving a refined quality:quantity balance. In other words, at Sales Accelerant, our focus is upon working with our customers to track the performance of our leads in order to accurately assess quality, results and final impact of our telemarketing campaigns on our customers’ sales performance. Needless to say our emphasis is placed upon not only generating high volumes of sales leads but on generating well qualified sales leads, which is crucial to sales success for all concerned, not least us. Generating sales leads can be at times like shooting fish in a barrel, whereas generating well qualified leads can be like shooting single flying ants in a barrel, where a significant amount more knowledge, thought, patience and precision is required.

We are continuously focusing on the bigger picture, promoting transparency and making sure our sales lead generation team is fully accountable for the level of revenue generated by the quality sales leads we generate. Total accountability is just one of the benefits to capping the sizes of our pharmaceutical sales lead generation team. Throughout the B2B telemarketing campaigns we deliver, we are continuously improving processes in order to maximise end results.

pharma telemarketing

To find out more about how we can increase your sales please call us TODAY on 01273 358170 or email us now to arrange an immediate call back.

pharmaceutical appointment setting services

Appointment Setting

Our B2B pharmaceutical sales lead generation team is able to generate appointments for sales representatives, generate high volume conference attendances, follow up on conference and event attendee enquiries, drive recruitment for focus groups and sign up people for market research participation and more besides.

Our B2B telemarketing team has a successful track record setting up meetings with prospective customers for sales teams and maximising attendance rates for events.

We see our pharmaceutical sales lead generation telemarketing team as a crucial link in the sales strategy. In a football context, we are not the type of business who will rely on a goal keeper to kick the ball to the other end of the pitch for our customers to forcefully try and place the ball into the back of the net with a 50/50 chance at best. Our approach is very much based on playing the ball skillfully through the pitch, priming our prospects,  with well thought through direction, acquiring powerful competitor insight in the process, ultimately resulting in a far higher probability of a successful end result, i.e. a goal/sales. We are very goal and specific objective focused in everything we do.

At Sales Accelerant, we are able to seamlessly integrate our diary system with the sales teams we support and event planners. We appreciate that real time integration has many benefits.

Our customers inform us as to how many, when, where and how frequently appointments are required. We then set about ensuring that our customers’ sales teams and event management teams are provided with the appointments required at times and locations synchronised with their existing commitments. We are totally focused on ensuring a right first time approach, in line with our ‘increasing sales, improving service, reducing costs and saving time’ service promises.

We guarantee that every appointment which our B2B telemarketing team generates will match the pre-agreed profile of our customers’ most profitable prospects concisely and that high quality sales leads will be delivered in a continuous stream as per agreed trend forecasts following the initial trial period.

Our specialised pharmaceutical sales lead generation team has spent years mastering the art of B2B sales lead generation and appointment setting so we really can offer you peace of mind. Our customers empower us to deliver a continuous B2B sales and appointment attendee pipeline whilst they focus on the closing process, event management and their core businesses as a whole.

pharma telemarketing services 

To find out more about how we can increase your sales please call us TODAY on 01273 358170 or email us now to arrange an immediate call back.