Customer Centric Healthcare – 6 Ways to Achieve Commercial Value

Whilst the Healthcare sector continues to experience unprecedented change, pharmaceutical organisations are shifting their marketing strategies from a focus on satisfying the needs of a national health economy, to supporting the population requirements of regional, individual and personalised patient journeys. Today’s patients have more choices, greater control and a wealth of health related information (and…

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Enhancing Customer Centricity In Healthcare

Customer Centricity in healthcare is an approach to doing business by providing a positive customer experience at the point of brand interaction in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. Recognising the difference between these interactions across healthcare brands, will prove to be advantageous in the design and provision of Value Added Services. Understanding…

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Summer Cover – Sales Lead Generation

During summertime some companies decide that since their prospects and some of their sales people are taking their holidays, they should reduce or even pause sales lead generation and other telemarketing specific activity until the early Autumn. This can be a very costly and easily avoidable mistake. Some companies complain that their sales productivity and figures are slow…

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How To Build An Opted-In Email List

As NEW EU DATA LAWS are being ushered in, companies like yours are starting to investigate how to build an opted-in email list or database to use for promotional marketing so that they comply with the laws and don’t have to rely on the likes of publishing companies to communicate with their target audiences. Communicating with audiences…

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