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2015-New-Year-300x179As we leap forwards from 2014 to a potentially exciting 2015, the Sales Accelerant team want to take this opportunity to wish you a highly successful new year.

During 2014 the Sales Accelerant team grew by 33% and sales grew by over 200%, but what’s more important is that we built strong foundations for future growth to enable us to deliver on our 5 year growth plan and goals.

As you know, we all make our own luck in this world and so……


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What are you doing to make sure you enjoy a successful 2015 on the new business sales front?

What are you doing differently in 2015 to drive next level sales growth?

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Sales Accelerant delivers sales lead generation services for numerous sectors using a multi-channel and 3 stage sales process which delivers more predictable and consistent results. We also offer pricing model options for our services, which means the amount you invest in driving sales results is more closely linked to results.

Whether it is sales strategy and process advice you need; early stage marketing leads; BANT sales qualified leads to fill your CRM pipeline; or an ongoing supply of appointments with target decision makers anywhere in the world; Sales Accelerant can deliver motivating results for you, to help ensure you enjoy a rewarding 2015.

To help kick start your sales in 2015 you may like to download our eBook ‘Top 5 Ways to Generate More Leads‘.

Effective sales processes.

For more details on how the Sales Accelerant team can help you to grow your company, please visit, call us on 01273 358170 or 0845 3058145 or email us via .