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Here are 5 ways to generate more sales leads through your website:

Multiple channels.

The more channels you have the more connected your followers will feel, the more aware they will become of your business and what it can do for them.

Yes, you probably knew that already. Of course lead generation will be more effective if you apply more channels.

But what about your website as a channel?

Websites are a tool which often go under looked but should be integral to your lead generation campaign.

You’ve probably thought about your website as a lead generation channel.

You might even have a brief plan on promoting your eBook, newsletter and blogs etc. You’re quietly hopeful that your website might have what it takes to convert those leads.

But deep down you know, there are a few mistakes holding back those conversions.

That’s okay.

The problem is nobody, not even the major websites, know for sure what is going to earn them leads. Not until they use web analytics to track the results.

But there are ways which you can avoid hindering your website lead generation.

Here Are Our Top 5 Areas YOU MUST Take care Of In Order To Maximise Website Lead Flow: 

1. No Landing Pages

Writing remarkable content is tough. You will pour hours of your time into creating content so useful, that you’ll change a reader’s perceptions.

Opening people up to new, improved methods and identifying solutions to their problems is very valuable.

So don’t give your content away for free.

Without a contact form how can you let readers know what other content will be of interest to them? How can you track who, and how many people are reading your content?

At the very least you need to be exchanging your resources for brief personal details and email addresses.

That way you can show how much you care for each of your prospect’s and really reel them into the ethos of your business.

2. Your landing page isn’t gripping anyone

Again, quality content takes time. After all you know that to be successful you need to have both an informative and an entertaining flow.

And yet again that is not enough. Even with a landing page if you are not selling your content correctly don’t expect too many conversions.

So how do you sell your content correctly exactly? 

Be simple. People are busy, they don’t want to be reading long paragraphs just to understand what your content is about.

Understatement is king.

Keep your copy punchy and short, cleanse your forms of unnecessary fields and make sure that you use images to clarify your points immediately.

3. Do not allow visitors to have to think or ask “what is this eBook about?

This is reinforcing the last point, certain elements of your page MUST demonstrate what your offer is and why it is valuable:

  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Call-to-Action

If any of these elements do not visualise your content’s purpose immediately or worse yet, you have not included one of these elements… Your website needs some amends. I suggest getting in contact with your web developer right now.

4. Your form is broken

Frequent testing of all aspects of your form is mandatory.

You would be surprised how often aspects of a form will not function correctly. For example a phone number field which takes numerical and alphabetical inputs. Or a contact form un-optimised for mobile making it impossible to fill out while on the move.

Not to mention contact forms which just plain don’t work.

These issues will have a damp squid effect on your landing pages conversions. A website’s contact form is an essential; if yours is not up to scratch your business will look very unprofessional.

5. Generic buttons and CTA

Landing PagesYour entire landing page is aimed towards one thing, producing leads.

All of the copy you use should be intended to increase your chances of conversion.

A common mistake is to neglect changing your CTA’s submit button from the default text.

To use your form to maximum effectiveness you must encourage visitors as much as possible.

“Submit” is simply not going to cut it, try using one of these examples:

  • See in Action
  • I want this eBook (while first person buttons may feel corny to write they are well worth testing with A/B split tests)
  • Join Today
  • Learn More
  • Request a Free Quote

Using a unique phrase which connects with the readers thought process can be enough to push them through this stage.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Trying to generate a large amount of leads can feel like trying to win the lottery at times.

Fortunately it isn’t.

While it is true that if you stick with your most effective channels you will generate leads.

To build a successful lead generation campaign luck is far from enough.

To truly generate a lot of leads you need to consistently connect with your audience across multiple channels, consistently write quality content and most of all consistently convert with your landing pages.

Now that you know what is necessary to build up your leads, and grow there’s just one simple question left.

Are you consistently connecting with your audience across multiple channels?

Is your website an effective lead generation channel?

What changes to your landing pages do you need to make right now?

Got some changes in mind?

Well then, there’s no time like the present. Get on it!

Of course, the Sales Accelerant team are always here at the other end of the phone 01273 358170 or via email if you’d like more some fresh perspective, new ideas, more well qualified sales leads, next level sales growth and/or perhaps just someone to confirm you’re doing the right thing.