What is a CTA? (In under 100 words)

A Call-to-Action or CTA is a button, image or line of text which directs your target audience towards taking action. For instance a CTA could be offering a download of your latest eBook, access to a webinar or an event invitation. CTA’s can be placed anywhere on your website, for example in a sidebar, email or at…

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New Ways Sales Can Use Marketing Content

Introduction – It is ‘highly’ likely that your sales team isn’t using marketing content created by marketers, as effectively as it could. Giving sales teams the best opportunity possible to convert leads is obviously very important, but people often overlook the value of using marketing content throughout the sales process. If you’re not already making the most…

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The 13 Steps to an Effective Content Marketing Plan

Sales prospecting is a journey, taking a prospect from initial awareness stage through to evaluation and then purchase. Content marketing plays a key role in today’s sales lead generation process. No longer do companies want to rely on cold calling and see their non-sales ready leads fall through the cracks, only for their competitors to…

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