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It is ‘highly’ likely that your sales team isn’t using marketing content created by marketers, as effectively as it could.

Giving sales teams the best opportunity possible to convert leads is obviously very important, but people often overlook the value of using marketing content throughout the sales process. If you’re not already making the most of your content creation then hopefully this blog can help you get started. If you are already using your marketing content we have several new ways for your sales team to make the most of your marketing team.

Ensure sales read all blogs, whitepapers, eBooks and product updates produced by the marketing team.

Weekly email newsletters educating sales reps on the latest marketing tools and products will give your sales reps a much better understanding of what they sell.

If your sales team is backed up with published content they can sell more effectively.

By using articles as hard evidence as to why your product/service will deliver results it can become difficult for a prospect to deny you a sale.

Content Marketing

Here are many new ways sales can impact their conversions with marketing content:

  • Use content to establish relationship naturally – A prospect may have educated themselves using your website, blogs or eBooks. This does not necessarily mean however that they are not looking for more information and that they are sales ready.
  • By following up on research carried out by the marketing team the sales rep can introduce himself to the prospect in a positive light and begin to build a relationship.
  • Use content marketing to appear credible – When a sales rep delivers relevant and useful information to a prospect not only does the sales rep become more credible but they are also building trust with the lead.
  • Use content to clarify the benefits they would gain – Reading content created by the marketing team should give insight into the thought process of the prospect. Perhaps providing perspective on what a buyer needs to understand before they make a decision.
  • Use content as evidence to why it will work for them – When a prospect voices an objection about your product or service you can show them why this isn’t necessarily a stumbling block and that you have a published article to back yourself up. If a new objection surfaces, you can communicate this to the marketing team so that they can create and provide new content marketing material and are able to produce a solution to the sales front line.
  • Prove that your knowledge is current – We are living in a time where the standards are changing all the time. Technology is always moving forwards (e.g. Oracle’s acquisition of content marketing company and software, Eloqua), the market environments for multiple industries are changing rapidly and people are evolving. People expect more. Cold calling is not enough.
  • Enabling your sales team to keep up with such trends is imperative. To do this marketing teams must inform sales about what is current. We suggest weekly email newsletters.
  • Provide multiple educational sources for prospects – Everyone is partial to their own mediums; what can suit one individual may not translate so well with others. Therefore it is key to deliver many channels from which your prospects can learn from and sales teams can access to share with their prospects. Not everyone processes information best over the phone. Use of video, webinars, blogs and podcasts can increase conversions.
  • Close deals – For many prospects, the natural reaction to a sales approach over the phone is to simply say no, without even processing what is being offered to them. If a sales team has solid data and articles to back up their claims of a value business proposition, they have a much better opportunity to make a conversion.
  • Establishing expertise to overcome objections becomes simpler when creating and sharing original and good quality marketing content and ultimately pulls in more business.

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