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Whilst the Healthcare sector continues to experience unprecedented change, pharmaceutical organisations are shifting their marketing strategies from a focus on satisfying the needs of a national health economy, to supporting the population requirements of regional, individual and personalised patient journeys.

healthcare-data-valueToday’s patients have more choices, greater control and a wealth of health related information (and occasionally misinformation) at their fingertips and this sets the scene perfectly for the pharmaceutical sector to address the “consumers” or patients’ need by channeling brand awareness in the direction of supporting positive health outcomes.

Patients may not be purchasing healthcare online, but just like an online shopping experience, patients want their healthcare experience to be simple, personalised and convenient — anytime, anywhere. Savvy patients seek tools and resources to help them make decisions and to make managing their health and wellbeing easier.

Externally, brand preference can facilitate consumer decision, activating brand purchases. Within a healthcare setting, understanding how to create a suitable self-management journey which fits perfectly with the aspirations of a patient, creating a full circle of value can be challenging.

There is real value in customer centric engagement derived from successfully engaging with patients and healthcare professionals and supporting them throughout their journey of encouraging well managed health. This could include telemarketing, email, patient forums and measuring of social sentiment. Gaining data from real-world experiences can be translated into regionally suitable value propositions that enhance local care delivery.

Over the next decade, value based decision making, clinical integration, and expansion of healthcare digital delivery will drive drastic change and will increase patient choice, patient engagement and ultimately the patient experience. It will be important for marketers to consider where value is derived from when considering how to best implement customer centric engagement strategies.

Healthcare Telemarketing South-East UK.

We have listed our top 6 areas to be considered when contemplating how to achieve true value from customer centric engagement. These insights can support the full cycle value proposition.

1. Engage with healthcare professionals via email marketing can be one of the most effective direct marketing methods available6-arrows and provides a very efficient and cost effective method of generating information regarding best practice, enabling service design to evolve directly inline with patient and customer preferences.

2. Gather sentiment to support social media and other multichannel strategies, demonstrating the real world outcomes to payers of education and information streams. Understand from customers what journeys they currently take or support to self manage health.

3. Sales teams have many opportunities to gather insights from healthcare professionals regarding warnings of any possible side effects in patient groups. However with ongoing sales force pressures, inbound and outbound channels can support this effort to gather real world data in a structured manner.

4. Demonstrate how a brand can encourage patients to take an active role in their own disease prevention. This information can be gathered by direct marketing campaigns launched from a platform of accurate, concisely segmented and targeted data lists combined with creative and systematic calls to action.

5. Reduce reliance on GP or A&E through support programs linked to local integrated care provision. Research and support can include educational activities that target specific audiences, facilitating trend forecasting for enhance market access provision.

6. Demonstrate a reduction in waste of medication through effective engagement and education. Pharmaceutical telemarketing campaigns can include key message delivery in line with local prescribing guidance, whilst building lists of marketing opted-in patients and healthcare professionals.

Using a healthcare specialist telemarketing company such as Sales Accelerant as your route to market, can help to facilitate better engagement across stakeholders. Our specialist healthcare telemarketing team helps companies to maximise revenue opportunities in the NHS and private healthcare sectors.