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The Healthcare Partnership was launched at the start of 2019 to address the increasing demand from pharmaceutical and medical devices companies for Sales Accelerant’s healthcare industry specialist telemarketing and tele-research services targeting primary care, secondary care and pharmacy.

















Whilst there is a great deal of similarity between the types of campaigns delivered by Sales Accelerant and The Healthcare Partnership, Sales Accelerant is focused mostly on B2B sales lead generation services for organisations targeting healthcare (e.g. software and consultancy services companies) and The Healthcare Partnership specialises in the delivery of highly specific telemarketing and tele-research campaigns for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, engaging healthcare professionals and other key decision makers in the NHS and private healthcare organisations in the UK.

Ultimately both companies specialise in gathering precious intelligence and helping respective healthcare industry related organisations to achieve their commercial ambitions.

Pharmaceutical and medical devices industry clients to date include GE Healthcare, Fresenius Kabi, Pentax Medical, SOBI, Sanochemia, MEDA (now Mylan), STERIS and many more.


Services include:

  • Remote detailing
  • Key message delivery
  • Rep appointment booking
  • Lead generation
  • Sphere of influence mapping
  • Tele-surveys (e.g. Attitudes to prescribing, disease/symptom awareness and NPS/satisfaction)
  • Healthcare event attendee booking

We can provide case studies and client feedback examples upon request.


Get in touch TODAY to find out more about The Healthcare Partnership can help your brand team realise its commercial ambitions in the NHS and private healthcare sector. Call 03300 526526 or send an email to to arrange an exploratory call or request a campaign proposal.