Launching Sister Company – The Healthcare Partnership

The Healthcare Partnership was launched at the start of 2019 to address the increasing demand from pharmaceutical and medical devices companies for Sales Accelerant’s healthcare industry specialist telemarketing and tele-research services targeting primary care, secondary care and pharmacy. Whilst there is a great deal of similarity between the types of campaigns delivered by Sales Accelerant…

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We're Attending the Successful Selling Show at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 17th October 2013

We’re Attending the Successful Selling Show at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 17th October 2013 For any company serious about becoming or remaining a leading expert in its field, it is crucial to attend various leading events in order to share and learn about the latest innovations. This is one reason why we make it a habit to attend…

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Free 2 Hour Sales Masterclass

Do you need to increase sales? Do you need to improve sales lead conversion rates? Are you looking for ways to get the most out of your sales team? Do you have effective customer relationship management processes and systems in place? We can help. We have now launched our ‘Free 2 Hour Sales Masterclass’ which is designed…

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Free Marketing MOT for SMEs

Do you need to increase sales? Do you have sufficient time to dedicate to marketing and lead generation? Are you looking for flexible sales and marketing support? Are you looking for more marketing ideas? Have you got the most suitable CRM system and processes in place? We have now launched our ‘Free Marketing MOT’ targeting…

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Telemarketing – How To Write A Telemarketing Script

Telemarketing – How to Write A Telemarketing Script: A telemarketing script, elevator pitch or elevator speech is a short overview of your business, products or services, and is typically used in business settings such as telemarketing, lead generation and business networking. An elevator pitch can be one of the simplest yet most powerful tools for…

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Effective Telemarketing Tips

    If you are involved in the telemarketing industry, I have no doubt you will be familiar with the term ‘The Gatekeeper’.  The gatekeeper is put in place to prevent people from getting access to the Decision-Makers and key influencers.  Frequently, this is a personal assistant or a secretary, but in some instances, it can…

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National Retail Chain Sales Lead Generation

National Retail Chain Sales Lead Generation Here at Sales Accelerant we generate productive B2B sales leads and appointments for businesses seeking new customers and long term sustainable sales growth. We specialise in generating sales leads for businesses which sell products, services and solutions into pharmaceutical companies, consumer healthcare companies and national retail chains, which includes pharmacy and grocery multiples. Our B2B…

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Latest Testimonials From Clients

‘Sales Accelerant was recommended to me and we hired them to help with sales and lead generation and I would certainly recommend them to others as they provide good quality leads. They are an asset and add value to any company looking to increase their presence in the market place. They are passionate about sales, understand business goals and will…

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