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Sales Accelerant – Healthcare Industry B2B Sales Lead Generation Specialists


Sales Accelerant are leaders in the highly regulated healthcare industry when it comes to assisting SMEs through to global market leading organisations with driving sales in healthcare through B2B sales lead generation telemarketing services. There are many advantages when it comes to outsourcing healthcare sales lead generation campaigns to healthcare industry specialists

Trading successfully now for well over a decade, with highly experienced healthcare industry sales and marketing professionals leading the way, the Sales Accelerant B2B healthcare telemarketing team builds reliable sales lead pipelines and generates qualified sales leads and appointments for sales teams worldwide spanning all time zones. Whether you are looking for a complete end to end sales resource, ongoing front end sales lead generation and appointment booking support for the field sales team, or temporary sales cover, Sales Accelerant is the ideal partner.

Our sister company, The Healthcare Partnership, delivers telemarketing and tele-research campaigns for pharmaceutical, medical devices and medical technology companies, which includes numerous global market leading organisations.

Given the very broad coverage of the healthcare industry, Sales Accelerant provides industry specific insights and expertise which far exceeds many of its competitors. With such significant experience in the industry, engaging business leaders in pharma, biotech, dental, pharmacy and many more, through to the highest-level healthcare professionals across primary and secondary care, NHS and private, UK and globally and spanning most therapy areas, the management team and wider sales team really can make a big difference, from planning through to campaign execution.

The B2B healthcare sales lead generation telemarketing team members at Sales Accelerant are carefully selected based on specific and well aligned communication style, attitude, behaviours, and experience to suit the industry and audiences we call. Because we only operate in healthcare, we do not employ one size fits all telemarketers to cover many industries. From experience this doesn’t work so well because they do not possess the necessary industry knowledge needed to be as effective, especially when it comes to more sophisticated products and services, which require a level of base knowledge over time.

The Sales Accelerant team are fully trained on GDPR to ensure GDPR compliance at all times (several hours of training and successful assessment required), they are ABPI code conversant, pharmacovigilance trained and receive regular industry training.

There is a very well tested multi-channel sales process in place (telemarketing at the core) which is designed specifically for healthcare sector success and the team can help from campaign planning stage and collateral creation (such as call guides and email template content) through to end of campaign analysis to help glean maximum insights.


So, if you are in need of healthcare industry sales lead generation specialist support to promote your products and/or services in the healthcare industry anywhere worldwide, get in touch to discuss your requirements.