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Before you start to wind down for the festive period and a much deserved and needed break, how confident are you of a strong sales pipeline and results in Q1/2016?


Santa On Beach PicIt’s hard to believe that 2015 is already coming to an end. You may be thinking to yourself where has it gone! Already, we are closing in on the final weeks of Q4/15 trading, which is why it’s so important now to nail down planning and take action to maximise new business sales lead generation foundations and results for Q1/16 and the year ahead.

The good news is that there’s still plenty of time to check everything off your sales list before Christmas shut down kicks in. So in the spirit of Santa Claus, the master of list makers, here is a run down of a few things you can start doing now to prepare for the upcoming holiday selling season.

Below, we have made some sales lead generation planning and tactical recommendations to set you up for a successful start to 2016 and end of year peace of mind as you raise your glass to the New Year ahead!

Here are 3 key focus points to ensure your lead generation plans and activities are geared up to provide the best possible results for 2016. If the idea of having only 1 month left in the year to make a difference fills you with panic, read on:



1) Assess, Goal & Plan (AGP)

A –  Review your year-to-date prospects & where you stand today

G – Confirm your 2016 sales priorities, £forecasts & £targets

P – Calculate the number of new customers you need to sign up to achieve your Q1/16 targets & what’s needed to win them (including sales approach and resource needed)



2) “Where Did The Year Go?” Emails – Try Out This Email Format Below

Re-assess sales lead opportunities that you’ve spent time on during the year but didn’t manage to close. During the last week of November and the first half of December, send an email to everyone who falls into this category reminding them that the end of the year is approaching fast and that, like you; they need to be planning now for Q1/16.

Here’s an example:

Subject line: [Prospect’s First Name], where did the year go?

Dear [Prospect],

It’s been a while — hard to believe 2015 is almost over.

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to see how you were doing with regards to [previously discussed goal]. Are you still on track to achieve that goal by December and what about January?

Don’t procrastinate. If you feel there’s room for improvement, I can help. Let me know if you want to chat over the phone or meet up for a coffee.

Here are some resources (e.g. content) and suggestions that might make your job easier in 2016.

  • [Announcement 1]
  • [Announcement 2]
  • [Announcement 3]

Kind Regards

* This sales lead generation strategy creates urgency and reminds potential prospects of their previous interest in your product or service.



3) Re-Engaging Your Top Prospects

For all those potential customers that you’ve spent time engaging with, make a call. Always personalise the call and drop in a past-discussed topic from your previous lead generation conversation for continuity. Also remind them of the basis of their initial interest (especially if it’s been a while) and see if now is a better time to revisit their situation.

Always bring up and discuss any updates regarding their company’s structure, latest news and plans (e.g. found via their website blogs, tweets etc. – Any changes since the last conversation). Likewise, update them on changes in your company, mentioning clients you are now working with and any successes (inspire confidence) and point out that Q4 is a great time to finalise a transaction because both sides are motivated to strike a deal.

By Q4, people know whether they’re going to achieve their sales targets or not and what’s in place for Q1 next year. So it will be a quick yes or no! They’ll either now be able to make time and invest the necessary budget to address any sales challenges that weren’t previously high-priority, or they’ll tell you definitively that they just can’t do it this year/early next.

Q4 can be a huge opportunity to influence your next year sales lead generation success if you plan meticulously and act on those plans fast. Motivation, clear goals and urgency are the key pivotal factors.

2016 Sales Lead Generation – Making It Happen

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