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Multi-Channel Sales Lead Generation

Here at Sales Accelerant we specialise in thinking up, planning and delivering integrated, multi-channel sales lead generation campaigns.

We would like to share with you, 8 Productive B2B (business to business) lead generation techniques to help you to more effectively and efficiently reach and productively engage with your Sales Prospects.

Our research suggests that the majority of the fastest growing B2B companies do not rely solely on just one sales lead generation channel and method. Instead they tend to have a complete range of sales lead generation tools at their disposal, which they can deploy at any given time. 

Here are eight examples of successfully road tested B2B sales lead generation techniques gleaned from helping B2B companies reach their sales prospects:


1. Sales lead generation using relationship marketing (CRM)

Relationship Marketing is the approach underlying all of the “sales-lead-generation-success” methods. Relationship marketing simply refers to initiating and developing a personal, sales-winning relationship with your prospects. It’s about developing an understanding of their paradigms, understanding not just their business needs but also their more personal ones, understanding longer-term relationships with customers rather than individual transactions.

During my 20+ years of experience in B2B sales lead generation, account management and strategic/tactical sales planning, I’ve discovered that the key to mopping up sales others leave behind is to keep in touch with your prospects via a combination of ongoing multi-channel sales communications and offers.


2. Sales lead generation through complementary partner referrals

By developing strategic alliances and joining forces with complementary partners, you can instantly multiply your pool of sales lead generation prospects and make it easier for companies to engage in doing business with you through implied trust, broader project engagement and so on. Out of all of the sales lead generation programs available, complementary partner referral programs can generate the highest qualified B2B sales leads. Prime candidates can include accountancy practices and management consultants too. Whilst these partners may not necessarily be promoting complementary products they are highly likely to have access to a broad range of highly relevant decision makers and are a highly trusted source.


3. Sales lead generation using search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing strategies

Decision makers of businesses are fast becoming more sophisticated and harder to reach than ever. Research suggests that approx 90% of business decision makers initiate buying processes with research on the Internet, therefore it is essential to have a finely-tuned sales lead generation campaign underway which includes search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing strategies to attract new business prospects at the beginning of their buying cycle.


4. Sales lead generation via telemarketing

Whilst research suggests that many people despise the thought of telemarketing, when executed both effectively and efficiently, with the assistance of pre-call target audience insight, it is an extremely effective sales lead generation tool. Telemarketing is a personalised marketing and sales lead generation technique that offers a cost-effective, efficient alternative to field selling. However, it can be significantly more expensive than direct mail or email.

By including telemarketing in your B2B lead generation marketing plan, you can reach up to thirty decision-makers a day at a cost of approx £15 per contact. In contrast, with field sales you can reach only four or five decision-makers a day at an average cost of £150 or more per contact. Direct mail may cost as little as £1 per contact, and email is often much less. However, if you consistently prospect and nurture leads via phone, you will consistently generate qualified sales leads and build relationships in the process.


5. Sales lead generation with email campaigns

By creating your own email newsletter, you can send out industry news and tips to prospects and existing customers in your market. Since you will then be on your prospects’ minds more often than your competition, for all the right reasons if you put in the time and effort to produce an impressive newsletter, eventually, your sales leads will turn into actual sales. We would suggest inviting ‘complementary/alliance partners’ to contribute because not only will your newsletters potentially be more interesting to read but you will then build good will with partners and they too are likely to reciprocate and invite you to contribute to their newsletters.


6. Sales lead generation with direct mail

There are entire industries which are dedicated to business-to-business selling through direct marketing. Effective sales letters can be an excellent sales lead generation method. Regretfully however, most sales and business professionals do not know how to use this lead generation technique effectively and efficiently.

Complaints of insufficient effectiveness of sales letters/mail pieces are common among B2B companies that depend on direct mail and direct response marketing as their only sales lead generation channel: “I’m tired of spending a fortune to send out thousands of full-colour catalogues and direct-mail pieces only to get a lousy 1% response rate. How can I reduce costs and find a more effective way to get my target market to respond to my direct mail pieces and catalogues?”

My clients have found that the most effective way to start improving their direct response marketing is by determining who their best customers are, then introducing a strategic and tactical segmentation, targeting and profiling program, before then tailoring and targeting their database marketing campaigns to and at companies and individuals who are similar in profile.


7. Sales lead generation using print advertising

When executed correctly, following an in-depth segmentation, targeting and profile building program, print advertising can be a highly effective lead generation tool. When using print advertising as your B2B sales lead generation method, you must remember to focus your key advertising messages upon the benefits and applications of your products or services. Then let the layout and design of your ads enhance your company’s image through consistent branding. And, don’t forget to only use publications that deliver messages directly to your targeted audience.

Always be asking yourself:

  1. Who are your precise target audience?
  2. What do you want to achieve directly with your marketing?
  3. What do you want your target audience to do?
  4. What do your target audience need to think and feel in order to do what you want them to?
  5. How can you make them think and feel that way?


8. Sales lead generation via event marketing

Whether you do it live, via the telephone (tele-seminars) or the Web (webinars), seminars and workshops are a great sales lead generation tool. People who attend your seminar will have already expressed an interest in the information you are presenting and a need for your product or service through registering to participate, which means you already have their buy in from the outset.

The goal: Connect with prospects and customers in a meaningful way


In Summary:

By using these eight proven B2B sales lead generation methods gleaned from helping many employers and customers’ companies reach their prospects, you will capture more sales-ready opportunities for your salespeople to turn into new business, meaning greater sales revenue and profits for your company. Above all else, always remember to ‘Always Be Closing’.


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