How To Build An Opted-In Email List

As NEW EU DATA LAWS are being ushered in, companies like yours are starting to investigate how to build an opted-in email list or database to use for promotional marketing so that they comply with the laws and don’t have to rely on the likes of publishing companies to communicate with their target audiences. Communicating with audiences…

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Lapsed Customer Surveys

Lapsed Customer Surveys Lost customers are often ignored over time, mainly because companies often believe they are permanently lost. They consider it a waste of time trying to win back lost customers. Lapsed customer survey results and outcomes suggest otherwise. Market Research  Did you know… The average company has a 20-40% probability of successfully selling…

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5 Must Read Sales Blogs

If you’re not regularly reading blogs about your industry, now is the time. Blogs provide crucial, current and concise information which your business will definitely benefit from. Here’s the issue, there are hundreds of millions of blogs about sales, but which ones are worth your time? Luckily, to save you time wading through content to find…

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Prospect Engagement

Whilst we are in an exciting new age for those wishing to create significance and increase sales through an ever-widening variety of channels, there is also an unprecedented opportunity to frustrate, irritate and anger those we are trying to reach. Put simply, how can we engage not enrage? How do we lead people towards products…

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Big Data – the new frontier of lead generation marketing

The relationship between marketing and high technology is increasingly strong – the days of dog-eared clipboards, cold calling and blind direct mailing are definitely numbered – to be replaced by insights derived from ‘Big Data’. But obviously we don’t all have the time and resources to build a huge ‘nudge engine’ like Amazon or Ebay,…

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