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The Sales Accelerant sales lead generation team has recently adopted CallPro CRM to further optimise sales performance and enable more dynamic reporting.

We looked at all the usual CRM suspects in and there are of course so many great options in the market to choose from, with per user licence pricing often at similar levels.

What swung it for us, choosing CallPro CRM, was that it’s very much geared towards supporting successful lead generation companies, as it does already, providing single tenancy to support multi-campaigns and providing client access upon request (monthly fee applies).

The amount of features already available to us to bolster sales campaign effectiveness and indeed efficiency, are significant and more are being added daily. Thanks to the appointed consultant, who is assisting the implementation and making the necessary bespoke pro and re-active changes, we are being able to realise its benefits far more quickly than had first been anticipated.

We’re already increasing lead generation campaign performance levels by 30% and saving significant chunks of time through the introduction of streamlined and automated processes.

We are very confident that we have made a great choice and look forward to growing the business in the comfort of knowing we have the dependable and continually evolving systems in place to accommodate true scale and the continually evolving sales processes.

About Sales Accelerant


  • B2B demand generation (generate ‘marketing qualified leads’)
  • B2B sales lead generation and BANT qualification (develop into ‘sales qualified leads’)
  • B2B sales lead nurturing (convert into ‘sales ready leads’ – meeting/TC/WebEx/RFP)


  • Email marketing
  • Landing page creation
  • Content creation (white-papers, blogs with CTAs and webinars)
  • Telemarketing
  • Website visitor tracking

Sector Specialism:

  • Pharmaceutical & consumer healthcare
  • Software
  • Market research

Contact us NOW to explore the difference we can make to your sales pipeline and sales growth on 0845 3058145 or email us