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CRM Bus IntelligenceLead Scoring is a method used to track a prospect’s level of interest and confirm your interest in them. Understanding these concepts means that your sales team will only receive truly qualified leads.

However before implementing a lead scoring system there are a few things you need to check out.

How Can I Improve Lead Conversion Rates?

Sales Data Scoring.

BANT Lead Qualification.

Lead Scoring Checklist:

Do you generate enough Leads?

A lead scoring system, while always useful, may not be worth prioritising if you are not currently generating that many leads. Focusing your attention on lead scoring when your sales team is easily keeping up with the leads generated is not really necessary.

Sales Lead Generation.

Are you ready to follow-up on those Leads?

Before you invest time into setting up a lead scoring process and system, check whether you have an optimised process being utilised by your sales team to convert those leads. If your sales team aren’t making the most of the information your Marketing team is providing currently, it’s unlikely they will capitalise on the benefits of lead scoring either.

Increase Lead Conversions.

Do you have clear Lead Scoring Criteria?

In order to score your leads you will need to have a good understanding of what makes a prospect buy. With this information you can look at specific, measurable conditions which make a lead more likely to buy. Ranking these conditions is key to your lead scoring.

Marketing Lead Qualification. 

Do you have Lead Data?

Information is vital. If you don’t have access to any information on your leads then you cannot possibly rate them.  The more information you have the better. Though some data will be more useful than others, relevancy to your business is the key. These are some examples of data which should be relevant to most businesses:

  • Budget
  • Engagement
  • Contact info
  • Location

The more information you have on each individual lead the easier it is to rank who wants to make an investment right now.

Importance Of Good Sales Data. 

Lead Scoring Implementation

Lead Scoring is a large investment for high ROI. While this should be very appealing, you do have to consider whether you will have the time and budget to apply your lead scoring system correctly.

However if you meet all the criteria in this checklist you should be more than ready to start your lead scoring system, and to reap the rewards.

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I hope this blog has helped clarify whether your business is ready for lead scoring. If you would like to find out how else we can help your business accelerate sales growth, call the Sales Accelerant team TODAY on 0845 3058145 or Email Us. Experience the sales approach difference that makes the difference.