Effective Lead Nurturing

Effective Lead Nurturing Generating sales leads can be really difficult. You therefore owe it to yourself and the prosperity of your business to try and get the most from each and every one, and the way to do this is through lead nurturing. The days of simply generating a lead and then bombarding them with…

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HOW CAN YOU Keep Your Prices Up

You’ve heard it all before I’m sure from prospects and customers…..’You are far more expensive than your competitors. Can you reduce your prices? The question is…. Should you cut your prices to compete? The market is tough with businesses cutting their marketing budgets left, right and centre, right? Well, cutting your prices should be the…

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We Are Hiring Sales People and Market Researchers

 Not all sales jobs are the same.Sales Accelerant offers telemarketing/sales lead generation agents a unique environment to realise their potential whilst representing sector leading organisations. We generate sales leads and nurture them through various programmes using channels such as telemarketing, email marketing campaigns, LinkedIn, CRM and targeted and timely content sharing. Telemarketing / Sales Lead…

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I'm Happy With My Current Supplier

‘I’m Happy With My Supplier’………… Of course you are….. THIS IS NOT AN OBJECTION….. It’s simply a matter of fact and to be expected! Every day our sales lead generation team faces this response from prospects during various campaigns, sometimes down to the scripts that our customers insist we work from. The response goes something like…

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Sales Lead Generation Paradigm Shifts 2012

  In 2011 we noticed and began to contribute to a paradigm shift in the way which sales lead generation was being both perceived and executed, diverting away from a strong focus on traditional ‘smile and dial’ concisely targeted cold calling alone and instead moving towards more of a multi-channel approach. By that we mean, a need…

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Results Focused Business Lead Generation Tip

      One of the most common challenges I hear about is ‘we don’t have enough leads’. They’ve either neglected the new business sales lead generation pipeline planning/activities (time and money) or simply find themselves desperately looking for more ideas to effectively find and nurture leads from one end of the sales pipeline to the other….

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Now Selling Into Emerging Markets

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have just signed up another new client this month, a key player in the pharmaceutical CRM/SaaS space. We will be providing 3-stage sales lead generation, nurturing and appointment setting/RFP generating support, selling into overseas emerging markets such as Russia.In recent months we have been experiencing increased…

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