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Fish Swimming Different DirectionWhen it comes to new business sales lead generation, cold calling can be hit and miss, insofar as consistency and predictability of results are concerned. We know that and so will you, especially if you have made cold calls yourself.

Sure, you will enjoy success from cold calling alone, if you make enough calls to the right people, articulating the right key messages and promoting a desirable service or product to the audience you’re calling. But, will it be consistent and predictable success?

Many companies come to us blaming their sales agencies for ineffective cold-calling and disappointing results and then ask us for a quote to repeat the same mistakes their agencies are currently making. They think a change of company alone is the quick fix solution and sometimes it does make a difference, sure. However, what really needs fixing is the ‘sales process’. A think the saying goes……. ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…’. If you want more of the same then we’d advise strongly against it, but if you want to drive a change in fortunes and ROI and you are ready to try a different, more successful sales approach, please read on and lets talk! The latest sales trends don’t have to cost your company the earth, nor me a significant distraction.

Demand Generation 

What if you could enjoy greater predictability and consistency of sales results?

What if you were able to meet with warmed up, qualified and nurtured decision makers (ripe and ready)? 

What if your call : lead and lead : new client ratios were far more appealing?

Here’s the answer.

Then there’s the important matter of presenting your company in the best light to your target market and engaging prospects very positively, adding value at every step, instead of…. running the risk of alienating them through just cold calling and hard selling, asking for something all the time from prospects! With the Sales Accelerant sales approach, you’re giving something to prospects before asking for something. You’re raising awareness, building familiarity/trust and credibility before and in between calls, paving the way for higher success rates and making a remarkable first impression.

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The Solution

Here at Sales Accelerant our prescribed sales lead generation approach or process is very logical and reflects today’s trends. We use a multi-channel inbound and outbound sales approach, which drives greater predictability and consistency of sales results, not to mention far more motivating results and return on investment than you’ve come to experience over the years from cold calling alone.

How can I generate sales leads


A 3-Stage Guided Sales Process

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Purchase

Sales Process Infographic

Content marketing

Through our core sales lead generation services and tools we follow the above 3-stage approach, wrapping our services and contact strategy around the 3-stages and in doing so, generate a healthy sales pipeline of well qualified marketing and then sales qualified leads, before then converting those sales leads into face to face meetings, TC’s, WebEx’s, RFI’s and RFP’s, ready for your team to convert into lucrative NEW customers/clients.

Find out more.

Contact a member of the Sales Accelerant team TODAY on (0845) 3058145 or email us at info@salesaccelerant.co.uk (for a call back) to find out more.

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– Often the above services are seamlessly integrated into a single campaign. At the core of what we do is telemarketing, using highly experienced and excellent calibre sales people.

Tools used to generate sales leads


  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Landing pages

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We offer a variety of pricing models designed to link pricing more closely with performance, which increases our revenue potential from campaigns and reduces your initial investment or perceived risk. We can offer short trial campaign periods on a retainer fee basis too, just to get you started, because we believe once you’ve experienced the Sales Accelerant service you will want to stick around for the long-haul and the rewards that brings.

Outbound telemarketing and inbound marketing.

Explore the sales approach difference that makes the difference and give your sales pipeline the fuel it needs to drive a remarkable year of sales growth. Contact a member of the Sales Accelerant team TODAY on (0845) 3058145 or email us at info@salesaccelerant.co.uk (for a call back) to discuss your sales challenges and goals to kick-start a sales lead generation campaign.

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