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Deck Chairs on Beach picDuring summertime some companies decide that since their prospects and some of their sales people are taking their holidays, they should reduce or even pause sales lead generation and other telemarketing specific activity until the early Autumn. This can be a very costly and easily avoidable mistake.

Some companies complain that their sales productivity and figures are slow during the summer, but of course they’re slower if they reduce their sales campaign activity year after year. They create their own repetitive trend….

Don’t leave your sales pipeline and conversions to chance during and post summer. Keep the pressure on and keep the money coming in.

Who can afford to have a slow summer this year or a poor start to Q3-4/15?

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8 reasons to maintain sales lead generation momentum during summer

1: Reduced gatekeeper resistance – Some on holidays
2: Stay at front of prospects’ minds – Easy to forget you during summer
3: Stand out from the crowd – Keep your pedal to the floor
4: Not all company employees on holiday at once – There’s always opportunity
5: You need strong Q3-4/15 sales – Generate new opportunities during summer
6: Great time to build rapport – People are happy
7: Post recession, companies are making hay while the sun shines – Are you?
8: If your best sales people are on holidays – Sales Accelerant can cover for them

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Whether you’re looking to ramp up sales growth from summer through a multi-channel or telemarketing only sales lead generation campaign, OR…… you just need holiday cover whilst your best sales people are on holiday, contact Sales Accelerant today and lets talk growth. Our sales approach and services can make your sales campaign results more predictable and consistent.

Inbound and outbound sales process. 
Call the Sales Accelerant team TODAY on 01273 358170 or 0845 3058145 or email us at for a call back.

How can I keep up sales momentum during summer?

Visit and find out more about us today, including what our clients say about us. Explore the sales approach difference that makes the difference. Ask about our various pricing models.