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Sales Tips For Selling Professional Services

By 28/12/2010December 13th, 2016No Comments


When selling professional services a series of challenges are thrown up when it comes to closing deals with respective clients and prospects. The sales term ‘closing’ has an associated seller-oriented focus which can be interpreted as putting one’s needs as a sales person ahead of those of the client or prospect. This is not a desired interpretation for those selling professional services.

The ‘closing’ model presents a series of conflicts between the belief that buying decisions are driven by rational decision-making, rather than emotion.  The important factor is making the buyer of professional services feel comfortable about a rational decision they have to make. The emphasis has to be upon creating a high ‘comfort level’ for the buyer when making the decision.


Always be thinking:

  1. What is it I want them to do?

  2. How do they need to think and feel to do it?

  3. How can I make them think and feel that way?


Here are 3 tips on how to avoid key challenges associated with the well known ‘closing’ models:

  1. Avoid talking too much about yourself and the company you represent

  2. Avoid talking too much about the product or service you are selling

  3. Avoid pushing too hard or fast to motivate the buyer to act


As a recap, you want the buyer to feel comfortable with his/her decision. If you provide the buyer with the reasons to: believe that you understand his/her challenge and concerns; that you are dependable and that you are likely to place their interests first, there is a high probability that they will hire you/your services. It’s all about making the buyer think and feel the right way.

Moving away from the ‘closing’ model, which presumes a transactional, seller-centric, rational model of buying decisions; we should look at a model which is based upon trust in the seller.


Here are 4 tips on how to achieve a trust-centred model for selling professional services:

  1. Instead of focusing on the transaction, focus on the client relationship

  2. Focus on selling with attention to competence in solving challenges and delivering value, as an alternative to focus on qualifications

  3. Hear and listen to what the client or prospect is saying to you

  4. Visualise and discuss solutions with your client or prospect


For more ideas and solutions to tackle sales challenges, particularly relating to service and solution selling, using a more strategic approach, why not contact us here at Sales Accelerant on 0845 3058145 or via email