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Telemarketing Call Follow Up

By 21/10/2011December 13th, 2016No Comments

  • Are you leaving more voicemail messages than ever before during your appointment setting, telemarketing and sales lead generation campaigns, even without gate-keeper interference?


  • Are you having to make an increasingly high number of calls to reach many key decision makers?


  • Are you finding that the voicemail messages you are leaving for decision makers are not achieving desirable call back rates?


  • Are you using emails pre-call and post-call (which includes those you have not yet spoken with)?


We thought so…..

We deliver campaigns to all kinds of target audiences, for all kinds of companies, spanning all kinds of sectors and we also compare notes with many other companies delivering successful sales lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting campaigns like us here at Sales Accelerant.

In light of the above shared trends we have developed a series of sales strategies and tactics to minimise any detrimental impact on sales performance and in fact significantly improve it.

We see the glass as half full and are always looking for the silver lining of clouds, the opportunities which are disguised by the challenges and so on. This all sounds a little cliché perhaps but we live by this thinking wavelength day in, day out and it works. Our team are kept upbeat and always smile in the face of adversity.

If you are looking for a solution along the lines of emails which work (i.e. drive exploratory conversations with new business prospects/’future customers’ as we like to refer to them) and voicemail messages, we should talk.


Some key tips….

  1. If you cant reach your decision maker after a couple of telemarketing calls, send an email (we can advise on some successful formats/wording)
  2. Keep the emails punchy and concise
  3. Read the email back as if you were the target prospect/’future customer’
  4. Ask yourself ‘how does this email make me feel?’ – ‘Would I want to contact this person/company after reading the email?’
  5. Remember… the person you remember most from any party is often the person who asked the most questions about YOU, not the person who talked mostly about him/herself, no matter how fascinating a life they may have had
  6. Put your-self in the shoes of a very busy person who is bombarded with sales calls and ask yourself ‘what kind of messages do I like?’, ‘what kinds of messages rouse my curiosity enough to make me want to return the call?’
  7. Example ‘first message – for voicemail’ might be ‘Hi its Steve/Harry here. Can you please call me back on 0800 123 4567, thank you’ – With this approach you could be a contact they promised to call, a member of HR, the tax man, just about anyone. The reality is that many prospects/’future customers’ are going to call you back and at a time which suits them so there’s a good chance they will have time to talk. Get your opening lines flowing well, come up with great questions and/or benefit statements (according to type of approach to suit telemarketing campaign type) and you will be able to instantly engage the caller

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