Launching Sister Company – The Healthcare Partnership

The Healthcare Partnership was launched at the start of 2019 to address the increasing demand from pharmaceutical and medical devices companies for Sales Accelerant’s healthcare industry specialist telemarketing and tele-research services targeting primary care, secondary care and pharmacy. Whilst there is a great deal of similarity between the types of campaigns delivered by Sales Accelerant…

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Benefits Of Pharmaceutical Sales Outsourcing – Healthcare Telemarketing

Sales outsourcing in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors is now a very well established and growing trend and is currently typically associated only with the deployment of contract field sales teams. However, the use of outsourced healthcare telemarketing is ‘on the increase’ to bolster the commercial success of brands and is now also becoming synonymous with the sales outsourcing term. This…

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Customer Centric Healthcare – 6 Ways to Achieve Commercial Value

Whilst the Healthcare sector continues to experience unprecedented change, pharmaceutical organisations are shifting their marketing strategies from a focus on satisfying the needs of a national health economy, to supporting the population requirements of regional, individual and personalised patient journeys. Today’s patients have more choices, greater control and a wealth of health related information (and…

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Enhancing Customer Centricity In Healthcare

Customer Centricity in healthcare is an approach to doing business by providing a positive customer experience at the point of brand interaction in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. Recognising the difference between these interactions across healthcare brands, will prove to be advantageous in the design and provision of Value Added Services. Understanding…

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Pharma Sales Accelerant – Pharmaceutical Sales Services

During 2015 Sales Accelerant has introduced direct sales services for the following sectors: – Pharmaceutical – Consumer Healthcare – Medical devices – CRO’s – Pharmaceutical Wholesale – NHS Following a number of years successfully trading as Sales Accelerant, specialising in B2B sales lead generation for small to global market leading companies, mainly pharmaceutical industry related in some way…

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We're Attending the Successful Selling Show at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 17th October 2013

We’re Attending the Successful Selling Show at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 17th October 2013 For any company serious about becoming or remaining a leading expert in its field, it is crucial to attend various leading events in order to share and learn about the latest innovations. This is one reason why we make it a habit to attend…

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