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19 Power Sales Stats to help keep your lead generation planning on track for success in 2015!

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1 – Outsourced B2B lead generation is 43% more effective than in-house B2B lead generation – Source: Marketing Sherpa

2 – 68% of companies report struggling with lead generation – Source: CSO Insights

3 – 65% of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing – Source: Marketing Sherpa

4 – 50% of marketing leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy – Source: Gleanster Research

5 – 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance – Source: Marketing Sherpa

6 – 53% of sales leads are generated by sales people, compared to 24% by the marketing team – Source: CSO Report

7 – 42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call – Source: Lattice Engines/CSO Insights

8 – Just 8% of B2B businesses use landing pages to collect new sales leads – Source: Marketing Sherpa

9 – 25% of marketers don’t know their lead conversion rates – Source: B2B Technology Marketing Community

10 – Only 56% of B2B companies verify business leads before they are passed to Sales – Source: Marketing Sherpa

11 – 64% of marketers indicate that email marketing is their most important digital marketing tool – Source: B2B Magazine

12 – 16% of B2B marketers are producing mobile-specific content as part of their content marketing efforts – Source: Smart Insights

13 – Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost – Source: Forrester Research

14 – 49% of B2B marketers confess to not measuring ROI – Source: The B2B Barometer

15 – Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first – Source:

16 – Nearly half 45% of companies report that their sales reps need help figuring out which accounts to prioritize – Source: Lattice Engines/CSO Insights

17 – Only 27% of B2B leads are sales-ready when first generated – Source: Marketing Sherpa

18 – 44% of B2B marketers have generated leads via LinkedIn, whereas only 39% have generated leads through Facebook and just 30% through Twitter – Source: ReachForce

19 – 49% of B2B marketers site social media marketing as the most difficult lead generation tactic to execute – Source: eMarketer

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