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Lead generation is crucial to the success of any business, I know that and you know that.

Excuse me for stating the obvious here but what are the 2 key actions required to grow a business successfully?

  1. Win New Customers; and
  2. Retain Existing Ones


Now think, what did you do yesterday, last week and indeed today, which addressed the above top priorities and was the time and budget you invested proportionate to the level of priority. What is the current state of your sales pipeline?

Are you spending too much time in the business and not enough time working on the business?

The solution is simple i.e. delegate and/or outsource sales!

Many SME businesses employ less than 5 methods of lead generation regularly, even some corporate organisations. They rarely review or change their tactics.

If you want to build and maintain a successful business you need to utilise as many methods of concisely targeted and contextualised lead generation as you can. You need to monitor the success of these lead generation methods, measure their results and tweak your strategies until you find a mix which truly works spanning a management and affordable number of channels.

Once you have this mix you need to keep on shaking it up and trying other methods as well.

Here is a list of possible lead generation channels to get you started. I am not saying that all of these will work for your business because every industry and situation is different. But, what they will do is set you off on the right track, get you thinking creatively about lead generation and, perhaps most importantly, they will remove the biggest barrier to your sales success, “But I don’t know what to do next”.

Please let me know about other sales lead generation methods that have been successful for you and which are your favourites of the proposed options below. Here are just 90 lead generation ideas to help you grow your business…

    1. Sales letters to decision makers
    2. Classified advertisements
    3. Catalogues in venues
    4. Flyers
    5. Leaflet dispensers at targeted locations
    6. Special reports
    7. Online catalogues
    8. Telemarketing
    9. E-Newsletters
    10. Social Media (LinkedIn & Twitter)
    11. Traditional newsletters
    12. Viral marketing
    13. E-books
    14. Magazine and paper inserts
    15. Associates and affiliates
    16. Introducers
    17. Family and friends
    18. Joint ventures
    19. Radio ads
    20. TV ads
    21. Position yourself / your company as an expert
    22. Internet adverts (PPC)
    23. Press releases
    24. Sponsor an award
    25. Chamber of Commerce
    26. Public relations (PR)
    27. Attend industry seminars
    28. Gather and use testimonials
    29. Offer a free consultation
    30. Offer a free trial
    31. Organise an open day
    32. Promote an industry event
    33. Give endorsements to prominent people
    34. Write articles online
    35. Form alliances with your peer group
    36. Create a give away e.g. calendars, mugs, posters
    37. Write for the local newspaper
    38. Syndicate a column
    39. Write letters to industry magazines
    40. Conduct industry research
    41. Send articles to clients
    42. Advertise on buses, bill boards, cabs
    43. Speak at the local college
    44. Panel at professional seminars
    45. Write a how-to pamphlet
    46. Offer a finder’s fee
    47. Do pro bono work for charity with industry links
    48. Sign your car
    49. Make up t-shirts
    50. Perform a stunt (e.g. Richard Branson)
    51. Cross-promote with other businesses
    52. Enter a contest
    53. Create a contest
    54. Direct mail new clients
    55. Post card promotions
    56. Business cards
    57. Networking offline
    58. Networking online
    59. Trade shows
    60. Referrals
    61. Speeches
    62. Cold calling – foot
    63. BNI
    64. IOD
    65. Trade shows
    66. Franchise shows
    67. Blogging
    68. Social networking sites
    69. Christmas cards
    70. Birthday cards
    71. Thank you cards
    72. Add value notes / paper cuttings
    73. Promotions
    74. Article writing
    75. Online forums
    76. Bill boards
    77. Freebie pens / t-shirts / mugs
    78. Teach a class
    79. Send letters to papers as expert
    80. Local radio interviews
    81. Loss leaders
    82. Free tele-classes
    83. Webinars
    84. You-tube
    85. Ebay
    86. Church
    87. Masons
    88. Golf club
    89. Press release
    90. Creation & sharing of quality content (e.g. white papers)


For more ideas to help towards increasing sales through sales lead generation, lead nurturing, market research and sales training, visit or contact us now on 0845 3058145.