Optimizing Lead Nurturing

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because a client or prospect would benefit greatly from your product/service but they just don’t quite know enough about it to realise that YET? Yep, me too. With lead nurturing you never have to worry about a lead not being fully qualified again, or worry about sales lead conversion rates….

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4 Easy Steps to Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a process supported by dynamic software (e.g. Eloqua/Oracle, Hubspot or Sales Fusion) which allows companies to provide valuable content in a timely fashion, personalised to prospects, based upon the actions you know your prospects have taken. Using website visitor tracking, email campaign open/click reports, purchase histories and social…

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Big Data – the new frontier of lead generation marketing

The relationship between marketing and high technology is increasingly strong – the days of dog-eared clipboards, cold calling and blind direct mailing are definitely numbered – to be replaced by insights derived from ‘Big Data’. But obviously we don’t all have the time and resources to build a huge ‘nudge engine’ like Amazon or Ebay,…

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Effective Lead Nurturing

Effective Lead Nurturing Generating sales leads can be really difficult. You therefore owe it to yourself and the prosperity of your business to try and get the most from each and every one, and the way to do this is through lead nurturing. The days of simply generating a lead and then bombarding them with…

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More Effective B2B Telemarketing for Optimum Sales Results

More Effective B2B Telemarketing for Optimum Sales Results After a number of years delivering successful sales lead generation campaigns we’d like to share some precious insights which we know make all the difference to the outcomes of sales lead generation campaigns, no matter which channels are being used, what size of budget, what audience and what…

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