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 clip_image002 In 2011 we noticed and began to contribute to a paradigm shift in the way which sales lead generation was being both perceived and executed, diverting away from a strong focus on traditional ‘smile and dial’ concisely targeted cold calling alone and instead moving towards more of a multi-channel approach. By that we mean, a need for the inclusion of other forms/channels of communication, alongside and not instead of, telemarketing. These include: email marketing, social media (e.g. LinkedIn/Twitter), dedicated landing pages with data capture facility, white paper/video drip-feed marketing to drive optimal positioning and more.

Looking forward, at how we and indeed you, can develop sales lead generation strategies in 2012 to continually grab and hold onto the attention of key decision makers and influence their thought process via the most exciting and professionals methods, our 2 TOP SUGGESTIONS for 2012 are:

Social Media (strategy is king) – Insofar as social media is concerned our ethos is ‘be where you need to be not everywhere else’. Many businesses in 2011 jumped on the social media bandwagon and adopted a scatter gun approach. This is not a good sales lead generation strategy. We suggest that you look very carefully at where your prospective clients are frequenting before you start signing up to every possible network e.g. LinkedIn groups. The time and effort you put into this initial research will of course be advantageous and will mean that you can adopt a more focused approach to targeting specific decision maker profiles and groups. It’s all about turning insight onto competitive advantage and edge.

Video (content is king) – Whether it’s a company overview, client testimonial, service or product launch or an introductory word from your MD, I can assure you that reliable research sources are banking on the fact people in 2012 will much rather be watching content rather than reading it (includes blog/white paper content). With lower quality video now becoming more widely acceptable to viewers it means video content production, that was once considered beyond the budget for many smaller SMEs, is now well within budgetary limits. This is not a green light for you to start shooting videos on your Blackberry, Android or iPhone, but it does mean that smaller companies can now deliver more or less the same experience, possibly more natural, to existing and prospective clients as the larger companies do.

For details on our 3-Stage Multi-Channel Sales Lead Generation Process (Identify – Engage and Nurture – Convert), what’s involved and how it can benefit not just your business, but those of your peers/customers, please get in touch. It would be good to hear from you.



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