HOW CAN YOU Keep Your Prices Up

You’ve heard it all before I’m sure from prospects and customers…..’You are far more expensive than your competitors. Can you reduce your prices? The question is…. Should you cut your prices to compete? The market is tough with businesses cutting their marketing budgets left, right and centre, right? Well, cutting your prices should be the…

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Referral Partnerships Are The Future

At Sales Accelerant we specialise in sales lead generation, sales consultancy and database building, cleansing and validation.Whilst the majority of our contracts come about through our own internal lead generation campaigns (direct marketing, social media marketing, telemarketing, blogs, PPC, networking et al) an increasing percentage of high quality leads are being referred to us by…

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We Are Recruiting Sales Lead Generators

 We have part-time and full-time vacancies available. At Sales Accelerant we work across a number of sectors, though to the greatest extent within pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare, IT and Human Resources. The kinds of companies and solutions we introduce to target prospects globally include: software (e.g. CRM, survey hosting and analytics), medical marketing communication/education services, marketing…

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Now Selling Into Emerging Markets

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have just signed up another new client this month, a key player in the pharmaceutical CRM/SaaS space. We will be providing 3-stage sales lead generation, nurturing and appointment setting/RFP generating support, selling into overseas emerging markets such as Russia.In recent months we have been experiencing increased…

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The 6 Keys To Sales Lead Generation Success

Different selling situations and commercial propositions understandably require different selling approaches and so it makes sense that many sales people and companies are often confused about what sales lead generation approach to use and for what. This is one reason why we (Sales Accelerant) make a point about having experience selling solutions, services and products…

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Telemarketing Tips – Writing an Effective Elevator Pitch

When you write your telemarketing elevator pitch, follow these nine elevator pitch tips to maximise its effectiveness. 9 Effective Tips for Writing a Powerful Elevator Pitch A telemarketing elevator pitch can be a powerful tool for marketing your business, and once you have developed and refined it, you can use it over and over again in many…

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Telemarketing Tips – How To Write A Telemarketing Script

Telemarketing – How to Write A Telemarketing Script: Whether you call it a A telemarketing script, an elevator pitch or an elevator speech a good script should provide  a short overview of your business, products or services, and is typically used in business settings such as telemarketing, lead generation and business networking. An elevator pitch…

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Brighton & Hove Gymnastics Club – Charity Sponsorship Opportunity East Sussex

Brighton & Hove Gymnastics Club have recently announced an opportunity for local based companies to advertise to its 800+ members and approx 1600 parent viewers via gymnasium advertising, its newsletters, website and various other mediums. The sponsorship slots are reasonably priced and of course in the event that you should choose to invest in advertsing…

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